Our Mission

Internship Program – Semi-Skilled Trade

Tinkering and manual work are your hobbies? Then bet that the MEES accredited training in bike mechanics that CycloChrome offers in partnership with the CSDM is likely to interest you! Register now and become one of the best bicycle repairer in town thanks to our top-quality training that will teach you all the essential skills needed to excel in the bicycle repair semi-skill trade. You will learn to:

  • Assemble a bicycle;
  • Carry out maintenance of a bicycle;
  • Repair a bicycle;
  • Provide mobile technical support;
  • Collect payments;
  • Clean and tidy up work areas in a sports equipment repair shop.

At the end of your 375-hour internship, you will be able to work in any bicycle retail store, any bicycle rental company, or any self-service bicycle company. You will actually have more than enough choices to pick from!

For more information and the application form.

Center for Teaching and Learning Resources (CREP)

We have developed a close partnership with CREP that allows us to offer our trainees and employees the opportunity to complete their Secondary School Diploma in a very convenient manner. A teacher comes in our workshop to teach in-house the various second level courses such as mathematics and French compulsory to complete their DES. We also offer many other life skills courses (budget management, problem solving, communication, etc.), to help them better integrate into society.