Our partners

Many partners assist us in our social involvement towards youth:

BIXI Montréal (main partner) is the self-service bicycle system reference in the City of Montreal and offers more than 6,200 bicycles. At the end of their 375-hour internship, all successful trainees are eligible for a job offer from the “Bixi Young Doctors” division to become BIXI self-service bike maintenance mechanics. They must go through the regular selection process by submitting their resume and going to an interview.

Without the commitment of all our partners and all the members of our organization, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission. We thank them greatly for their generosity. Are you also concerned about youth issues and interested in giving back to the community? If so, please feel free to contact us!

  • Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM);
  • City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM);
  • PBSC Urban Solutions, a company that specializes in the commissioning of public self-service bicycle systems in several big cities around the world;
  • Logica Sport Cycling Team: The team’s story began in 2017 when some cyclists from the same circuit rallied around the same colors and the same passion: bike racing. Together, they develop their physical, technical, tactical and strategic skills in order to raise the level of competitiveness of Quebec women’s cycling;
  • Cannondale Échelon p/b 4iiii is a Canadian cycling team from Montreal in partnership with Cannondale, 4iiii Innovations, ABUS Cycling, Michelin Woven Precision Handbuilts, Garneau, Acier Inoxydable Fafard, Atelier BOHICA & CycloChrome
  • Cyclo Nord-Sud, which collects and ships over 50,000 bicycles in 18 countries in Africa and Latin America;
  • Bicycle2, a program that buys second-hand bicycles at an affordable price;
  • Cyclohalt, self-service bicycle repair service and other accessories related to urban development;
  • Vrac Environment, Sustainable Development Action and Research Group;
  • Canadian Tire, a Canadian retail store that allows us to teach some of our courses to their employees;
  • Two wheel view, a Canadian organization that promotes youth development programs using bicycles as a tool to foster youth resilience.