Bike Mechanic: A Trade, a Career

CycloChrome is proud to be hosting the first recognized trade program in bike mechanics in Canada, and of the role it played in the course’s development. Of course, this would not have been possible without the contributions of many actors on all levels, with whom CycloChrome is grateful to have worked with.

For more than 9 years, CycloChrome has been inciting the CSSDM, formerly the CSDM, to recognize the potential of a professional bicycle mechanics program to democratize technical knowledge, formally recognize the work as a trade, increase the number of trained mechanics in the industry, increase the quality of customer service across the province and improve working conditions for bike mechanics.

The project having gained some traction, this social economy enterprise found itself at the consultation table which lead to the creation of the program that would eventually be approved by the education ministry (MEES), and which would serve as the reference for the creation of the certificate of skills training (AEP) being offered this year.

Once it was time to prepare the course content and materials, the EMEMM, a trade school specialized in motorized equipment, contacted CycloChrome so as to benefit from their professional experience. CycloChrome was thus tasked with writing the training manuals and constructing a classroom.

Which brings us to today; CycloChrome, a social economy enterprise founded with the mission of promoting academic perseverance and maintaining Bixi Montreal’s bike fleet, is honoured to contribute over a decade of expertise in mechanics and pedagogy to the next generation of the bike mechanic community.


For more information on this 645-hour professional course, visit the EMEMM’s page or see what the CSSDM has to say.

To sign up for the course, go to Competence Quebec’s Inforoute FTP website!



First group : Octobre 14th 2022

Second group : TBD