Cyclochrome: A Benchmark in Bicycle Mechanics in Montreal

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Cyclochrome, situated in the heart of Montreal, stands out as a unique social enterprise specializing in bicycle mechanics. Founded in 2008, it offers an extensive range of services and training programs, making it a key institution in the Montreal cycling community.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Services

At Cyclochrome’s shop on Plateau Mont-Royal, a variety of repair and maintenance services for all types of bicycles, including electric bikes, are available. The expert team at Cyclochrome is dedicated to providing high-quality repairs, including:

  • Brake and derailleur adjustments
  • Tire inflation and repair
  • Chain lubrication
  • Bolt tightening
  • Wheel alignment
  • Complete bike cleaning
  • Cable and housing replacement (excluding parts)
  • Lubrication of bottom brackets, headsets, and hubs​​.

Specialization in Electric Bikes

Cyclochrome also stands out for its expertise in electric bikes, offering specialized services such as motor reconditioning. This ensures enhanced longevity and optimal performance for these increasingly popular vehicles.

Bicycle Mechanics Training

Cyclochrome’s training program is the first of its kind approved in Canada, aimed at training young people in bicycle mechanics and supporting their professional development. In addition to professional training, Cyclochrome also offers courses for individuals who want to learn the basics of bike maintenance and repair.

Training for Individuals

Cyclochrome offers courses for cyclists looking to learn basic bike mechanics. These courses are designed for riders of all levels, including maintenance and repair for electric bikes.

Social Commitment

Cyclochrome has a strong social mission, aiming to prevent school dropout and encourage academic perseverance. They perform over 40,000 repairs annually in their workshop, and a significant percentage of their permanent employees are former trainees, demonstrating their commitment to training and professional development​​.


Cyclochrome is more than just a bike repair shop; it’s a cornerstone of the cycling community in Montreal, dedicated to professional training and social integration. Whether you need a bike repair, professional training in bicycle mechanics, or courses to improve your bike maintenance skills, Cyclochrome offers expertise, training, and a commitment to the community.

For more information, visit their website: Cyclochrome.